5 Activities For Teenagers Looking For Extra Pocket Money

From a young age, children are taught about the value of money and how important it is to earn it. As people age, the need to earn money becomes even more significant. Even teenagers understand how crucial it is, so they’re often found googling how do teenagers make money’?

Despite living in a time when internet access has increased in the entire world, many teenagers don’t have access to necessary resources and guideposts that can help them earn money. The standard notion that deters teenagers from trying out opportunities is that a degree is required to get a job. While a degree is a typical requirement for most high-level positions, teenagers can find opportunities to earn money even without a degree. Or better, create opportunities for themselves. All they need is the necessary skill, time commitment, a bank account, or a personal money card.

Many great websites offer tutorials for in-demand skills. These tutorials are just a search away, so that we won’t talk about them in this blog. This blog will give you insights into how teens can make money once they have a money card for teens.

  • Start a business: teens can start small businesses with little to no investment. Teens can sell handmade art pieces, jewelry, or clothing through online shopping apps or websites. Such activities can help them earn money while teaching them essential skills that will help them throughout their lives. Teens can use services like Junio to learn how to save the money they earn.
  • Give tutoring services: Teens can tutor children and provide them with basic academic assistance in exchange for a small fee. Teens can teach children the subjects that they’re good at. While some parents may hesitate to take a teen as a personal tutor for their children, you would be fine if you could present a strong academic record to them. Alternatively, you can offer skill-based courses, online or in person, and collect fees from your attendees. Teens can use services like Muvin to collect payments from their students.
  • Freelance: Teens can provide freelance services through freelancing apps and have a side income. For instance, a teen skilled in creative writing can take up a writing gig and charge their clients for the number of words they’re writing for them. Likewise, students with skills in design can take up relevant tasks and earn money through them.
  • Take surveys: For teens busy doing schoolwork who barely have any time to put into things that demand time commitment, taking online surveys is the best option to earn money instantly. Online surveys take less than 5 or 10 minutes to complete, and you can get rewarded with exciting rewards, including cash. However, before entering any survey, teens must check their authenticity to dodge fraud.
  • Part-time jobs or internships: Full-time students who have some spare time left outside of school can search for opportunities in their locality or online to gain professional experience and money. Part-time jobs in restaurants and stores are a great way for teens to earn money while working only a few hours.

To sum up, there are multiple ways teens can earn money. The most common activities include part-time work, starting a small business, tutoring, freelancing, and taking surveys. Teens can choose whatever activity suits them and get money deposited into their online wallets.

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