Creating An Appealing Financial Website: An Easy Guide!

Financial services and companies are investing heavily in their respective websites, primarily because a website works like a face for the brand and helps in connecting with consumers. Designing a financial website or blog, however, can be challenging, because such portals tend to be heavy on content, especially textual content and numbers. To be more precise, financial websites can look dull and boring. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on designing finance and business websites.

Try using a website builder

If you are not quite sure about your web design needs, consider using a website builder. Hiring a web developer can be expensive, and unless you have the budget or are in need of a complete customized theme, you can always use site builders. Some of the best website builders include Weebly, Wix, WordPress and GoDaddy. Using such platforms, you can prototype your website, without any knowledge of coding.

Minimal design, maximum content

When it comes to business blogs and financial websites, design elements need to be effective but minimal. While you can rely on animation, transition effects and popups, these things shouldn’t take away from the actual purpose of the website. The choice of color and font is particularly important for websites in this niche, because you want the text to be readable and easy on the eyes. The best financial websites have a white background with another color in the mix, and the design of each page is such that the reader can actually find the content and information they are looking for. Yes, you will need images, but considering using more of these in the background.

As for the content, we recommend that you invest in quality content, including video content. People in the digital era have limited attention span, and often, videos and infographics are enough to explain a blog post spanning in thousands of words.

Focus on mobile users

No matter whether you are using a website builder or a web developer for designing the portal, the entire website has to be responsive. Mobile-ready websites don’t always offer the same kind of reading and viewing experience, so make sure that you have tested everything. With some of the website builders, all websites are created to be responsive, but again, you want to ensure that every page has the right amount of aesthetic value.

Check online for reviews of website builders to select one!

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