People around the world certainly know how to swipe the cards when needed and remember the password as well. But do we know what these 16 digits stand for and how it works? Yes, you are right. These digits represent your individuality in terms of monetary transactions initiated. But again, what does each number on the card represent?


  • The first 6 digits help in identifying the issuing institution. Therefore, every card which is made in a similar institution will have the same 6 digits for Visa and maestro card.
  • From the 7th digit till 15th digit, the numbers are related to the personal account of an individual.
  • The final digit is denoted by
  • The CVV number is three-digit code on the back of the card which is the security code.

With an increase in the rate of fraudulence today, due to malpractices in digitalization, security needs to be hyped considerably. Differentiating between ‘fake’ and real cards is difficult but the 6 digits, called BIN (Bank Identification Number) acknowledge the accuracy of the card.

BIN CHECKER is a software present online to check the six digits in order to identify the institution and run a check if it really exists. Fake cards do not have any monetary value or represent any financial status of an individual. The software operates against the Luhn algorithm to check the validity and reliability of the account.

Places where BIN checker should be used:

  • It should be used by online shopping websites.
  • Shops where PIN card machines are available.
  • People who hold more than one credit card.

Any fraudulent transactions can be identified by the help of the software. Purchasing on online site becomes safer in the long run. It has been a very convenient method to control the expanding forgery through credit cards.

Digitalization is regarded as a crucial stage towards development. But it becomes very questionable to upgrade in cashless transactions when there is no safe method to keep the account with money safely.

Hence, the software checks the previous transactions through the card and judge by its pattern and the algorithm if it’s a fake or real card. The feature can be used to check multiple BIN at once. To make the exchange legitimate and permissible the checker foremost evaluates the 6 digit number and identify the issuing institution. Therefore, the safety of financial aid is a must in the deceptive world today.

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