How To Get A Personal Loan If You Have A Low CIBIL Score?

Most financial institutions obtain their credit scores and reports from CIBIL, the nation’s oldest credit bureau. Your ability to repay a personal loan on time depends on your credit score, also known as a CIBIL score. Lenders typically prefer borrowers with credit scores of 750 or higher, and those borrowers are more likely to be approved for a personal loan with a CIBIL score. On the other hand, most major financial institutions will undoubtedly reject your application for a personal loan if you do not have a CIBIL score or if your credit score is poor or low.  There is still a chance that you could get a personal loan, even though having a low credit score significantly reduces your chances of doing so without a CIBIL score.

Lenders are less likely to lend you money due to your creditworthiness if your CIBIL score is too low. In other words, it is riskier for the lender to finance a person with a low credit score. You may still be granted loan approval with a reduced sanction. If your credit score is low, a reputable lender might give you a smaller loan. You also have the option to repay the small amount you borrow on time and raise your credit score by doing so.

Your ability to repay the loans will be clearly demonstrated by your monthly income. Generally speaking, having a high income and fewer monthly expenses indicates that you have the money available to pay back the loan. Therefore, even if you have a low credit or CIBIL score, lenders might still approve your personal loan application. However, make sure that your income is dependable and consistent. In addition to your salary, you could display income from investments, rental properties, ongoing freelance work, and more.

If you have a co-borrower who is willing to guarantee the personal loans, you can still be approved for the loan despite having bad credit. The lender assesses the CIBIL ratings and credit histories of both applicants as part of the loan approval procedure. The best way to improve your chances of being accepted is to apply with a guarantor who has a good credit score and stable finances. Co-applicants share the responsibility for repayment, so it’s advantageous if you are one of them. If your CIBIL score is insufficient, it is best to request that family members and close friends co-apply or act as guarantors.

When a credit account is still open even though full payment was made on time, the information in the credit report may not be accurate. Your credit score suffers in such circumstances. By alerting the credit rating agency to the discrepancies, you can solve this problem quickly. This is why it’s important to check your CIBIL score frequently. Remember that it might take some time to resolve these inconsistencies, and your score might not change right away. It’s possible to have open credit accounts that aren’t marked as closed. You can raise your credit score and get an instant loan by taking care of these problems. Before reporting any issues, make sure you have verified your ownership of all open accounts. There could be a sign of fraud or misuse of your personal information if you see them.


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