How to upgrade your business operations?

Ever since COVID 19 has stormed the world with pandemic of unlimited proportion, lives of people and businesses have slowed down to its lowest. Several businesses have closed down due to shortage of funds, high debt levels, negligible debt realization, and above all very slow business activity.

Big businesses have capacity to withstand such storms, but small and medium scale businesses, especially self-owned businesses have very little to bank upon. They have always remained and always remain short of funds, high level of debts, and sometime very low cash flow making it virtually impossible for them to upgrade their businesses to next level.

Banks and financial institutions lend money, but they ask for too many documents and take too much of time to allocate the required funds making the entire process useless. Now, many companies have come forward with providing small and medium enterprises a kind of working capital that is entirely interest free and you don’t need to stress about repayment of the amount.

Easy and quick loan availability:

Companies like Apickle that are offering buy now pay later services to businesses are very quick to approve your amount for working capital and other requirements. You just need to visit their website and fill an online form. These companies offer loans from $10,000 to $90,000 in a very short period of time. Unlike banks and financial institutions that demand many documents and clarifications about your finances and business structure, these companies do very little study and approve your capital requirements.

Easy payment options:

One of the features of buy now pay later services is easy repayment option to the business entity. These companies only charge a percentage of your daily or weekly card sales as their repayment installment. This way, you can pay more when you are doing brisk business, and pay smaller amounts when the business is low and sluggish.

No interest:

There is no interest on the loan amount and there is no pressure from the company for returning the loan amount. The company devises a method with your approval wherein the company charges a certain percentage of your sales as installment of the working capital.

You are not pressurized in any manner to return the amount at a fixed date or within a stipulated period of time. You can take your own time and pay as you earn.

No documents and collateral security:

Companies like Apickle are offering unsecured loans to small and medium business enterprises. This means that these companies are not asking you for any documents of your asset or your stock as collateral for the loan amount. They are offering absolutely unsecured loans to all business enterprises and they have nothing as collateral for security of their money.

Best company offering buy now pay later services

There are several companies that are offering buy now pay later services. However, Apickle is very different from others as it is one of the quickest to assess your requirements and disburse the money. It is also one of the fastest to install equipment required to comply with POS and start your business upgrade.

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