Know the ways to save money on health insurance

While many people look to purchase the best insurance plan that has the best covers, it isn’t always so easy to find something that perfectly fits the budget. If you are looking for ways to save some cash, then make sure to look at this post. Here we are going to discuss some of the best ways to save some money on your health insurance.

Purchase when you are young

Whether its health insurance or a term insurance, it is always a good idea to purchase it when you are healthy and young. A comprehensive health coverage will cost you much less if you are fit and young. So instead of waiting till you are afflicted with illnesses, find a plan that fits you well and be ready to pay less for that.

Start a healthy lifestyle

People who don’t have bad habits like smoking or don’t have diseases like diabetes kind of get their insurance policy at a much lower rate. So, make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself fit. You’ll also be able to see a bigger difference in your premium rates whenever you use an insurance calculator.

Purchase a floater plan

A good family floater plan is definitely more economical compared to any individual plan. This also comes quite handy especially if you are looking to purchase a cover for just a single member. All your loved family members will come under a single umbrella and you’ll be able to buy a premium for that as well. This is also a smartest and great way to save up on medical insurance bills in India.

Find the best top up plans

Always make sure that you take a proper look at the top up plans. One of the best ways to get yourself a good quality insurance cover is also providing your base plan with a top up plan. Top up plans offer you extra sum assured which you’ll be able to use once you have exhausted the sum of the policy. It is also much cheaper to get hold of a plan along with a top up plan when compared with primary plans that offer you much higher coverage. Also, remember that health insurance companies will activate your top up plan only once the initial plan has been exhausted. But you could also opt for a super top up or top up plan in order to increase your coverage without causing a dent in your expenses.

Health insurance in India can be a complicated matter, so always make sure you check all the documents carefully before investing. In addition to the above mentioned points also make sure to purchase your health insurance from a reputed Insurance company such as One Assure. This will help you save enough money on your investment. Also, purchase the right cover for yourself and you will stay happy, fit and healthy at all times.

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