Managing SMSF Online

There are many accounting firms in Australia that will take care of the compliance with regards to the Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) account of an Australian and his investments done from the same. They have the specialist expertise, knowledge and relevant experience in comprehensive tax and accounting services required to manage an SMSF account.

They help you right from the SMSF setup, through the ongoing taxation and audit of the funds and the income stream generated thereof when the person retires, and the pension commences from the SMSF account. Your SMSF specialist can give you practical and sound advice by analyzing your SMSF accounting.

Step by Step Procedure

Is SMSF the right choice for you? SMSF is a private super fund that an Australian can easily manage on his own. Instead of investing or placing your financial exceeds in an industry or a retail super fund, you can create your own SMSF. The type of insurance on the money and the investments to be made is completely at the individual’s dispersal.

The SMSF can be a combined fund generated by up to four members belonging to the same family. To be eligible for tax concessions and receive contributions, SMSF should be set up in the right way for easy administration and management. The necessary steps prescribed by ATO to start an SMSF are:

  1. Assign a professional expert to set up your SMSF
  2. Choose a corporate or an individual trustee
  3. Appoint a trustee to handle your SMSF account
  4. Create a trust deed for the trust
  5. Create an Australian super fund
  6. Acquire an ABN by registering your fund
  7. Set up a bank account
  8. Acquire an electronic service address
  9. Devising an exit strategy

Make the Switch Now!

Converting your normal bank account to an SMSF account is not costly or difficult, it will only turn out be beneficial for your future. Moreover, the SMSF specialists make the switch even more easy for the client. They will give you access to timely financial information pertaining to your SMSF account, with complete resolution on your financial queries, along with full accounting service and compliance reporting.

SMSF advisors will also help you in making the right investments with your SMSF on commercial or residential property. If you have a properly structured arrangement, the law permits an SMSF account holder to borrow from his fund to make a real estate purchase.

Online Solutions

Once the client gets an online access to his SMSF account, he can acquire his financial information at any time. The investments that you make from the account are recorded by the SMSF specialist, for which you need not wait for a quarterly or an annual financial summary.

The administrative task of retrieving data from the client’s investment providers or banks takes place directly online with a secure online access to both the client and his financial adviser. The year-end audit and tax compliance will also not involve bookkeeping and paperwork, as all the client’s investments from SMSF are recorded online.

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