Recover your losses with 2nd class insurance

Class 1 insurance covers the main driver, spouse, relatives of a policyholder. At the same time, ประกัน ชั้น 2 covers not only the same group but also the people who are allowed to use the car. It usually protects against accidents caused by car collisions. . Cars that have been in use for four years or more are suitably insured with this insurance. Less expensive than first-class insurance, it provides more benefits at a pocket-friendly price.

Applicability of second class insurance

Where vehicles are concerned, several unpleasant situations may arise. These unpleasant situations usually result in car damage, repair of parts, and financial loss. With second-class insurance, the losses are recouped, repairs are completed, and the extent of damage is minimized. Listed below are the various situations where ประกัน ชั้น2   is applicable:

  • Car or Vehicle collision- It is useful when a car collides with another vehicle or motorcycle. The amount recovered helps to put the car back to use.
  • Stolen Car- When your vehicle is stolen, second-class insurance comes into use.
  • Loss by Fire- In the event of a fire, this insurance covers the extent of the damage.
  • Loss by Flood- Second class insurance recoups the losses when the flood loses the vehicle.
  • Protection against Terrorism- Much to the delight of people who live in risky provinces, a vehicle is applicable to be insured under this policy.
  • Deaths during driving- When the driver or passengers die at the drive, second-class insurance comes in handy.
  • Bearing Medical Expenses- When the driver or passengers are injured and hospitalized due to an accident, the insurance pays the same loss.
  • Bail for drivers- In the event of a criminal case, second-class insurance arranges the driver’s bail.
  • Recover property damage loss- When a vehicle damages a third-person’s property, the insurance covers the respective expenses.

SUm up

Hence, the second-class insurance not only covers the accidents caused due to the act of gods but comes in handy at times of fabricated tragedy. The insurance plan has a different premium amount that varies according to unpleasant situations. The amount claimed must be according to the extent of the damage. However, it does not work when a car collides with other electric poles, fences, etc. The insurance plan includes various terms and conditions. It is advised that all terms and conditions must be read and negotiated accordingly. All in All, second-class insurance is beneficial with minimum costs.

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