Six Ways to Reduce the Cost of Product Packaging

Every brand will have to spend money on the packaging to ensure their products capture the attention of their target audience. But, companies don’t really need to spend a fortune on the packaging to achieve this goal.  They can reduce their cost by opting for custom boxes from Refine Packaging. Other ways to reduce the cost of packaging include the following:

Using Light Packaging

Product packaging is usually made of paperboard. Depending on the handling demands of the product, it can be possible to reduce the thickness of the box. This can go a long way while still keeping the product protected.

Opting for Smaller Packaging

Some products can be slightly disassembled or positioned in the box differently to facilitate a smaller box size. Depending on the size of the product and the packaging itself, brands can save money when they can maximize the graphics and information they can include in their packaging. They may find that they can use a smaller box without compromising the ads and graphics.

Using Recycled Materials

In general, recycled paperboard is less expensive than a regular white board. Paperboard that is 100% recycled does not specify the origin of its recycled materials. Thus, businesses that do not care about the origin of recycled paperboard can take advantage of this material to reduce their packaging cost.

Choosing the Right Coating Option

The coating seals the ink on the paperboard. You can choose from coating options that range from a dull/matte look to a glossy finish or soft touch. The difference in cost between them           can be significant, depending on the volume.  A cost-effective coating will give any packaging a facelift for a very little extra cost.

Create a Viewing Window on the Packaging

In some cases, it makes some financial sense to add a window instead of foil stamping or embossing to capture attention. A window is an option if a brand needs to show what is inside the box.

Use Ink Wisely

Businesses can reduce the cost of the ink used for printing the packaging graphics. This can be done by using halftones rather than more colors. For instance, they can use two colors instead of four on their box graphics and just lighten them. They can transform black ink into different shades of grey or magenta into shades of pink. This way, box manufacturers do not have to use several colors while still offering the product image a dynamic range.

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