Taxation Statements and Money Lenders

It’s tax season… Have you ever lent hard money? Have you ever given private money? When lending and borrowing, are you currently mailing and/or receiving 1098’s or 1099’s? Are you aware cooking techniques?

In a recent Triad Mastermind Meeting, there have been questions concerning who will get 1099 earnings and 1098 statements. We requested our CPA here is a number of that which was shared:

You need to provide 1099 INTs to whoever interest rates are compensated. Whether a 1099 is distributed or received, the individual or entity who receives the eye accounts for reporting the eye earnings. You’ve proof that you’re having to pay the eye whether or not the recipient doesn’t give back confirmation from the payment. When the recipient doesn’t report it, then your recipient would face fines and penalties for unreported earnings. There’s a $50 penalty for forms not filed.

The 1098 is filed through the interest person receiving mortgage interest. You need to send 1098s to the owner financed qualities which you received interest. If private cash is linked like a mortgage on the specific property, then your interest recipient should send for you a 1098. You will find penalties when the IRS pursues and finds out that 1098s weren’t filed.

Incidentally, the government has decided to target property professionals for audit. Why has got the IRS targeted property professionals at the moment? According to their personal December 20, 2010 report:

Actions are essential within the identification, selection, and study of individual tax statements with rental property activity.

In August 2008, the federal government Accountability Office mentioned that “a minimum of 53 % of person taxpayers with rental property activity for Tax Year 2001 misreported their rental property activity, leading to an believed $12.4 billion of internet misreported earnings.”

Of course, seek advice from your CPA for those tax questions and consult with your closing attorney so these problems can be treated properly right from the start of transactions.

Exactly what does your CPA say?

**UPDATE** You should know there are penalties to fail to transmit a needed 1099 (Misc, Div, Int, etc.). The good thing is the penalty is dependant on how late you are filing. Whether it’s just thirty days late, the penalty is just $15 per information return. Zinc heightens to $30 should you file by August 1, and would go to $50 should you file next. So, if you are late, stalling is only going to worsen it.

You might be able to steer clear of the penalties completely if you’re able to reveal that failure to conform was because of reasonable cause. But that is less simple to do because it sounds. Failure to file for a W-2 produces a $50 penalty per W-2. Failure to file for the W-3 review of the W-2s begins at $15.

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