3 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

When you find that your small business needs more employees, you might want to consider working with a staffing agency to bring in some temporary workers instead of going through the process to hire permanent employees. Doing so can save your company both time and money. Here are three benefits to the temporary employee option.

1. Less Overtime Pay

When companies have a temporary increase in their staffing needs, it’s common to ask current employees to work overtime to get all of the work done on schedule. Although some employees enjoy the extra income that comes with being paid time-and-a-half, it can also put extra stress on them if the extra work lasts for a long time. Using staffing firms Boston to bring in temporary workers can ease the burden on your permanent employees and reduce your costs by minimizing higher overtime pay rates.

2. Easier Payroll

When you hire a temporary employee, the staffing agency will handle all of the paperwork involved in their payroll and taxes. Your HR and payroll departments will not have the extra work that would come with bringing in another permanent employee, and you can know that everything from workers’ compensation to unemployment benefits is all being handled by the agency that provided the employee.

3. Immediate Hiring

Hiring a permanent employee can be a very long process. You want to be sure you’re finding the best candidate for the job, so you do your due diligence. This hiring process requires posting your job listing in multiple places, then screening applications and resumes that come in to generate a first list of potential matches. After that, you’ll need to schedule and conduct interviews with multiple candidates, and often will have a second round of interviews for the best applicants. Once a job offer has been made and accepted, it can still be weeks before the employee is available to start working for you, depending on where they currently live and what their current job obligations are.

Staffing agencies maintain a network of candidates in various fields, meaning they can often have a temporary employee to your place of business within 24 hours of your request. This is a huge benefit when you need extra staff sooner rather than later.

If your staffing needs could be met, even for a short time, by hiring temporary employees, it’s worth considering. The cost savings and straightforward process make the prospect very attractive.

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