How and Why the Drug testing for the Department of Transportation is done?

Did you know that around 6 million people are behind some kind of wheel and transport people from one place to another? A lot of professions are included here and all these people must be sober at all times.

That’s why the DOT, or better said the Department of Transportation passed an act in 1991 in which all employees working for companies who are a part of the DOT regulative to do this test. Learn more about the DOT directives on this link.

The test is done just like any other standard urine drug test. You’re provided with a cup that you need to fill in and after that the lab practitioners will see what you have consumed in the past days, or months depending on the traces found inside.

What does this mean?

It means that depending on the drugs you consumed, the lab practitioners might not find anything inside. How is this possible? It is because some drugs’ half-life is way shorter than the one of others. Cocaine is a strong narcotic, but after a few days it completely disappears from your body. No trace is left whatsoever.

So, if you consumed some of it a week ago, you can be sure that the test won’t show anything suspicious.

On the other hand, if you’ve been smoking some marijuana, you can be sure that it will be there for weeks, and even months. It depends on many factors but marijuana is a drug that stays the longest in the human system.

Why is the test performed?

For safety reasons, of course. All these 6 million people have a huge obligation and care for the lives of hundreds of millions every day. We, as a society, can’t allow the smallest chance for them to be intoxicated as this may cost us dozens of lives.

To be sure that their job is done right, they need to be tested regularly. The officials are doing random checks so they make sure that everyone is ready to do a perfect job. These random checks are making everyone in perfect condition. If their consciousness isn’t on the highest level to prevent drug use, then this test will surely keep them with their eyes open.

Also, before getting a new job that falls under the DOT standards, you can be sure that someone will come and ask a urine sample from you to perform the check. A lot of people are thinking that they are free to do anything they like because they are jobless, but this is a very wrong thing to do.

When the drug testing is done and the results come out of the lab, and you’re positive, it doesn’t matter if you were planning to quit or not because you have a job. It’s too late. You’re not going to get the job, and most probably this information will stay in your file and you won’t be able to find another job in the industry soon enough.

What industries fall under the DOT?

Basically everyone that is sitting behind a wheel and is driving for commercial use on the US roads. Also, all pilots flying above us, not just in commercial aircraft, but also in helicopters and professional aircraft. All of them are going to be tested and must be completely clean.

Imagine what it would look like if a fuel tank driver carrying a ton of flammable gas and a bus driver with 100 people onboard collide because they were both intoxicated and didn’t realize the dangerous situation. It would be mayhem with dozens of people dead. We can’t allow that happen, right?


These are all the information you need for understanding how and why this testing is performed. If you’re going to get a job in this department, make sure you’re drug-free because getting a positive result might end your career forever. See more on this here:

Imagine the disaster if you’ve been studying for a pilot your whole life and just a night with a joint ruin everything. Don’t let something like this happen to you. Stay clean and get the job of your dreams.

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