The Importance of Transparency with a Bad Credit Short Term Loan

If you have bad credit but are in a position where you think you would benefit from taking out a short-term loan, in the form of either a payday loan to tide you over until your job next pays you, or in an instalment loan to pay back over the course of the next few months, it is important to understand your genuine options. For many people, it is too difficult to acquire a bad credit short-term loan, but there are options out there for you from responsible payday loan lenders with an open and honest view of the world and a willing to help out those who can’t find help through traditional sources.

Bad credit can happen for a large variety of reasons, from missed credit card and store payments, to being slightly late paying a bill or mortgage, ranging up to more serious financial deeds, such as a CCJ against your name or a bankruptcy. For many people an adverse credit score has been something they have dealt with in their early years as an adult but are now in a position where they would like to move forward in a positive fashion with their lives.

When this happens, and you require some short-term financial respite, where can you realistically turn for help?

For some people there just isn’t the scope to save money over time and have it ready for a rainy day when you need it most. Similarly it might not be possible to turn to a close friend or family member and ask for a kind donation or a loan without interest. The next phase traditionally would be to look towards the traditional high street banks and lenders, but in most cases these days you will not find many willing mainstream lending sources for a bad credit loan application.

This is where the transparency and honest of the modern breed of payday loan lenders comes into play. With the pressures and negative press attention that the payday loan sector came under fire with in the past decade (high interest rates, pressure on borrowers already facing severe financial difficulties etc.) it was important to take a new approach of transparency and honesty.

That is why the modern payday loan lenders can offer bad credit short-term loans to applicants in some cases. Why should someone with a poor credit score be punished indefinitely? What responsible and transparent lending is all about is taking each applicant on an individual case by case merit, looking at whether the applicant has the ability and income to pay back the loan within an agreed amount of time.

The transparency from the lender is in the form of the initial agreement and application, where the borrower can see exactly how long it is going to take to pay back the loan, as well as the specific detail of the interest that is tacked on to the initial loan sum (this will change depending on the lump sum and repayment time requested).

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